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About Dennis Fried, M.D., J.D.

I’m Dennis Fried and I’m originally from southern California and grew up in Philadelphia. Following college, I headed south to Charleston, South Carolina where I received my M.D. degree from the Medical University of South Carolina, thereupon a surgical internship at MUSC and surgical residency at Mt. Sinai Hospital of Cleveland, Ohio. A colo-rectal fellowship followed at the Cleveland Clinic (Ohio) under Dr. Vic Fazio and a return south for a 25-year career as a surgeon in Charleston. Retirement in 2004 lasted a mere one year when a friend of mine at a local large hospital was under peer-review scrutiny and requested I be his expert witness at an upcoming hospital hearing.

A local attorney represented my friend and the hearing lasted long into the night. I had previous experience as an expert witness in trials and depositions over the foregoing years but nothing could have prepared me (or my friend) for the blinding ambush that took place that night under the relaxed standards of the rules of evidence and the rules of civil procedure. The end result was unsatisfying and it was then that I knew where my interests would lie as I shortly thereafter enrolled as a first year law student at the Charleston School of Law (South Carolina). On the first day of classes it was announced that I was the oldest student in the class of about 150 individuals. Graduating near the top of my class (magna cum laude) was followed by relocation to Florida.


Physicians and other healthcare professionals have come under increasing regulation and oversight in the recent past for reasons variously related to perceptions of excessive income, politically motivated agendas at the state and federal level, pressures for insurance industry reform, and consumer advocacy initiatives.

The end result has become one of oversight, second-guessing and attempts at modification of physician behavior by those outside the profession who have never personally taken care of patients or dealt with the difficult decision making that comes with being a healthcare professional.

In representing my clients, I never lose sight that these core issues must be aggressively advocated in the licensing and peer review arena. Physicians and all healthcare professionals deserve an advocate who has walked in their shoes and can integrate the law with the reality of what it’s like to practice as a medical professional.

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