Florida Board of Medicine Complaint

Do you have a Florida Board of Medicine Complaint? Contact a Florida Medical License Lawyer to Discuss Your Case!

Do you have a Florida Board of Medicine Complaint?

Administrative Complaint Against a Licensed Florida Professional

If you do have a Florida Board of Medicine Complaint use this illustration as an example.

Any aggrieved patient or person may file a complaint with the Board of Medicine.

The complaint form is detailed and can be viewed on the Florida Board of Medicine website. The Consumer Services Unit will receive and process the complaint and will assign it to the Investigation Services UnitYour case will be assigned to an investigator who will make inquiries to other people about you, subpoena and assemble any pertinent records, and usually seek a personal interview with you to complete your complaint/investigation file.

Following completion of the investigation, your file will then be forwarded to the Prosecution Services Unit. The Prosecution Services Unit will assign your complaint to an attorney for evaluation and review. The Florida medical license lawyer will then prepare the file for presentation on to the probable cause panel.

The attorney will then present the file at a meeting of the Probable Cause Panel.  The Probable Cause Panel may dismiss the case or, if they deem there is probable cause, proceed at that time to  order that an Administrative Complaint be served upon you which you must answer. Thereafter begins an administrative process that may include hearings, settlements and license-related discipline including monetary fines and license limitations or even revocation.

This process is statutorily programmed and represents a quasi-penal process for which few laypersons are prepared. Once again, you are well advised to seek counsel given that the outcome may affect your career and earnings. Most importantly, your rights should be better preserved if you wisely associate legal counsel at the earliest possible time in this process. Contact your local Florida medical license lawyer at Dennis Fried Law today to discuss your case.