Medical Peer Review Coming Up? How to Prepare!

A medical peer review is the process that physicians use to evaluate their colleagues in order to make sure that they are meeting the appropriate standards of care for their patients. Typically, peer reviews are conducted using peer review committees, with ultimate decisions being made by the hospital board of directors. medical tools

Peer reviews are generally conducted for three major reasons: to initiate privileges for new physicians, or new privileges for existing physicians; issues with substandard performance, and random selection of physicians to review in order to ensure that quality standards are being met. The peer review process can be very stressful for a physician, but there are ways to ensure that you are as prepared as possible.

The first thing you need to make sure to do is to remain calm while taking the situation seriously. You should make sure to hire an attorney with the appropriate experience, and you should make sure that you do not sign any documents without consulting your Florida medical review attorney.

Additionally, it would be helpful to request an individual meeting with each of the reviewers before the review takes place. If the peer review is a result of a particular decision that you have made with a patient, you should review that patient’s record, but make sure that you do not make any alterations to the documentation. It is always going to be possible to argue that the patient record is inaccurate if doing so will help your case during the review.

During the actual peer review, you’ll want to speak up and make it so that your voice is heard. Explain any protocols that are specific to the case, and make sure that you properly educate the peer review committee. Make sure that you are on time to every meeting and that you advocate for a solution. Additionally, be aware of any rights and regulations that apply to your situation.

However, as prepared as you are, it is always possible that there will be some gaps in your knowledge. Therefore, it is a good idea to hire a Florida medical review attorney such as Dr. Dennis Fried. With both a medical degree and a law degree, he will have the necessary expertise and experience to be able to help you get through your review.