Florida Professional Medical Board Hearing

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Why You Should Engage an Attorney Early

Licensing hearings before the Florida Board of Medicine (or other professional boards) or peer review hearings at your hospital are serious matters the results of which may have far-reaching consequences on your reputation, and your ability to practice your profession and earn a living. It’s important that you have an Florida professional medical board hearing attorney on your side.

As a surgeon and an attorney for Medical Board Hearing in Florida. I want to encourage you to take the reasonable and wise precautions of not venturing into the legal arena without an advocate by your side from the earliest moment you are put on notice. This will preserve all your rights and options and may well be the difference between an acceptable or unsatisfying outcome.

Given the gravity of the aforementioned, you will be well advised to treat these matters not as informal or casual examinations but rather as genuine threats to your professional aspirations. To that end, arm yourself with all the tools you need to successfully weather these episodes and never assume that a mere explanation or casual conversation with those charged to investigate your situation will make everything go away. You may well be 100% on the side of righteousness but you will soon find yourself in unfamiliar waters with storm clouds on the horizon.

We Really Do Care

Florida Professional Medical Board Hearing AttorneyGenerally speaking, physicians and other health professionals are caring people and prudent decision makers—-why should this time in your career be any different? Certainly, one could appreciate the folly of attempting to fly an aircraft without adequate guidance and instruction. Similarly, by engaging an attorney at the beginning of your ordeal you may limit your exposure to administrative harm and present your version of the story in its best light thereby deflecting any otherwise onerous consequences of your perceived behavior.

Many think that their colleagues and friends will not judge them harshly when in reality, once charged with administrative oversight and investigation, collegiality and friendships soon give way to concerns that decision making cannot appear to be subject to extraneous influences. To repeat, these investigations and hearings are grave matters. As your colleague and hopefully your attorney, I trust you will not find yourself the object of a licensing, staff, or peer review issue. However, if you do, I stand ready to advance your position.

Dennis A. Fried, M.D., J.D. is your Florida Medical License Attorney; he understands the importance of preserving what you worked so hard for.

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