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As a Florida Medical License Lawyer, Dennis A. Fried understands acquiring and/or maintaining a license as a physician or other healthcare professional in Florida comes under the purview of the Florida Department of Health, Division of Medical Quality Assurance, and then any of the appropriate Boards such as medicine, osteopathy, nursing, dentistry and so forth. This discussion will be divided into two parts: (1) applying for and obtaining a Florida professional license, and (2) maintaining a professional license following a written complaint.

Applying for a License

This illustration will use the Board of Medicine as an example. Anyone may apply for a medical license in Florida assuming they are qualified and meet certain requirements of age, financial responsibility and are of “good moral character”. Florida does not reciprocate licensing with other states. A fee for the application is required and when combined with an examination fee will hover around $500.

Insofar as the application form is quite extensive, the application fees are substantial and the subjective and ill-defined requirement for “good moral character” allows for interpretation, it follows that an applicant should treat a license application as exactly what it purports to be; a legal document the contents of which you will endorse by sworn affirmation as to completeness and utter candor.

Florida Medical License LawyerThe take home message therefore is to leave no blank unfilled, no question unanswered and to be perfectly forthcoming and candid with the Board even as to matters you would not discuss in polite company. Part of the application fee structure includes a deep background check into every aspect of your past and present existence.

Discrepancies in what you swore to on your application and what later came to light following a background check will reflect badly on your candor and is the most common reason for licensing delays or denials. Put another way, tell the whole truth on your application and later seek to mitigate areas that the Board may question. The Board is made up of people who have all themselves made mistakes early on in their lives and understand candor and rehabilitation better than deceit. You are well advised to have the assistance of counsel in these matters.

Complaint Against a Licensed Florida Professional

Again, this illustration will use the Board of Medicine as an example. Any aggrieved patient or person may file a complaint with the Board of Medicine. The form is detailed and can be viewed on the Board website. The Consumer Services Unit will process the complaint, and assuming proper jurisdiction it will be assigned to the Investigations Services Unit, reviewed by an attorney and submitted to a Probable Cause Panel, which may dismiss the case or proceed with a formal complaint, which you must answer. Thereafter begins an administrative process that may include hearings, settlements and license-related discipline including monetary fines and license limitations or even revocation.

This process is statutorily programmed and represents a quasi-penal process for which few laypersons are prepared. Once again, you are well advised to seek counsel given that your career and earnings may be affected by the outcome. Most importantly, your rights should be better preserved if you wisely associate a medical license defense attorney at the earliest possible time in this process.

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